Outrage in Nigeria as President recovers in UK

Muhammad Buhari flew to London on March 30 for medical reasons. At age 78, the Nigerian head of state with poor health is being used for medical stay abroad. But, it is high time for Nigerian doctors. Supported by the opposition, they condemn their leader’s continued escape costs.

For major injuries, the best remedy. On March 30, Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari traveled to London, England for medical treatment. Although the global Govt-19 epidemic has shaken the country’s already respiratory health system, the gold donated by the 78-year-old man has never passed.

The hashtag #BuhariMustGo or #BuhariDoitPartir has been shared thousands of times on the internet. Insignificance, humiliation, hypocrisy இல்லை No less deserving. Newspapers are outraged, social networks are on fire, and opposition is growing. Omail Sowor, an opponent of the ruling power, said:

Mr. Help us bring Buhari home so he can get a medical examination at one of the beautiful and successful hospitals he built for Nigeria! ”

Losses of “one billion dollars” per year

As for the hospitals, they stopped at 1, as if urging the head of state to take actionThere is April. Nigerian doctors condemn the downward spiral of the country’s decline. By promoting medical tourism, government officials, starting with the highest ranking official, are condemning the Nigerian health system to death.

This practice not only prevents structural reforms from taking place, but also empties state treasures. Nigerian newspaper mentions Daily Trust.

Nigeria is estimated to lose more than $ 1 billion annually [850 millions d’euros] For the benefit of medical tourism. This is many times more than the total amount allocated to the health sector in the country’s annual budget. ”

Already seen

I have to say that the President is starting to be a regular in British medical services. “Buhari has spent more than two hundred days in medical care in the UK since taking office in May 2015, in several shelters”, The Nigerian daily is angry Punch.

Not to mention that for unknown health reasons to this day, everyone remembers 2017 as the year without a president for four consecutive months in London. At the time, protesters were chanting “Come back or resign.” This slogan has been brought up to date. This is because Muhammad Buhari agrees with those who declared it in 2019, unable to rule during the last presidential election.

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More than ever, Nigerians, plagued by a series of terrorist attacks and ethnic clashes, seem to need an acting president. For now, it’s hard to believe, estimates Punch : “What kind of tradition does Buhari want to leave behind?”

Pauline Le Trockier

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