‘Outlast: At The End Of Ourselves’ new survivor series has signed on to Netflix

Netflix is ​​constantly trying to renew itself through its productions. Last? “Outlast: At The End Of Ourselves”. in Alaska, 16 individuals must compete to win one million dollars (945,180 euros). The main difficulty? They must cooperate! But the problems don’t stop there: after being released into the wild, in the cold of the largest state in the United States, they will face hunger and unexpected events of all kinds. It is enough to promise adventures full of pitfalls.

The reflections of the situation are enhanced by the gorgeous images captured by the Netflix cameras. As in many other reality shows, the candidates are required to speak in front of the camera in private in order to put the spectators into their confidence. So strategies and emotions are included in the program of this new survival series, which will surely appeal to fans of Koh-Lanta. Todom!

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