Our list from The Legend of Zelda Remakes that we also liked –

To continue our series of papers celebrating 35 years of excellence. It was impossible not to think of the remake episodes we dreamed of seeing announced in addition to, or even for some, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. So we decided to share our list of 5 games from The Legend of Zelda saga that we love on the Nintendo Switch.

5th place: Rosie Rubyland from Fresh Tingle

We start our list with the occasional item and not just any one, that puts you in the spot of Tingle’s iconic one. In Rosy Rupeeland from Freshly-Picked Tingle, which was released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS, you were asked to collect as many rubies as possible to make the tower grow using capital mechanics.

Even if he deserves a mixed reception upon launch, he absolutely deserves to be given a second chance, even if only for his twisted side. Her crazy story, amazing characters as well as funny, innovative new gameplay and comedic world all make Rosy Rupeeland from Freshly-Picked Tingle the perfect candidate for a remake.

4e Place: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

It is true that we’re going to talk more here about a reboot than a remake because the gap is big between the NES and the switch. But that’s exactly what makes the idea so interesting. Shigeru Miyamoto himself confirmed that it was so Least liked episode Due to technical limitations.

However, its unique experience can bring a lot to a new release, whether thanks to the setting, architecture, or gameplay that differs from other Zelda in particular with its magic system. Adventure of Link Remake will be a separate, but very refreshing, experience for the series. Nintendo should think carefully about it despite the challenge its evolution may present.

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We have a list of The Legend of Zelda Remakes that we also liked

Place 3e: A Link to the Past

Some might suggest that A Link to the Past actually had a remake with A Link Among Worlds, but that would be a mistake. The gameplay and especially the story have nothing to do with the work released in 1991 on Super Nintendo. The Nintendo 3DS episode is also the full 17th episode of the saga.

Restoring this cool adventure along with this link in the updated features will be countless fun for many fans. Especially since we must not believe that this composition has nothing more to offer. This component brings several elements to the franchise’s tradition, such as introducing Sages or Master Sword, which only ask to be deepened. And then, nothing prevents the two programs from being presented together in a bundle, if one can dream a little.

We have a list of The Legend of Zelda Remakes that we also likedWe have a list of The Legend of Zelda Remakes that we also liked

Second place: Oracle for ages / seasons

It’s hard not to think of these two titles after seeing Link’s Awakening landing on the Switch. The two episodes that appeared on Gameboy Color in 2001 inherited so much of the 1993 adventure, especially at the graphic level with the DX version, that it is not impossible that the remake was actually in the works of the same studio.

Because in addition to their excellent stories and games, the integration between the two products is above all, thanks to Hall of Secrets, which makes them both staple titles. Its design, scope, and potential Nintendo perspectives make Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages / Seasons games everyone will want to discover or rediscover on the Switch.

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We have a list of The Legend of Zelda Remakes that we also liked

First place: The Minish Cap

The Minish Cap is an undeniable masterpiece of The Legend of Zelda license, it is almost a crime not to actually present it in a new form. Developed by Capcom for the Game Boy Advance, this title is a true breath of fresh air.

He uses string codes with skill and intelligence, so he can compete with the best numbers on keyboards without problems. Its sizing mechanics are masterfully exploited for great gameplay. This is truly a great portable Zelda which, if it doesn’t have the right to remake, deserves a (re) dive into the Game Boy Advance.

We have a list of The Legend of Zelda Remakes that we also liked


Obviously, other parts could be candidates for a rejuvenation on the Switch, we’re especially thinking of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, but this list is the one that seemed to us the most interesting while preserving a certain authenticity. But feel free to share your thoughts or desires with us for future The Legend of Zelda entries on the Nintendo Switch. Moreover, we do not hide from passionately dreaming of B. Zelda Maker.

We have a list of The Legend of Zelda Remakes that we also liked

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