Our kids’ vital space is under threat in Chalper too

More recently, early childhood specialists from Vanille et Chocolat were present in Carcassonne, and joined the strike movement organized by the group ‘ There are no children in the group An initiative that led to the closure of the Chalaber (Vanilla and Chocolate) and Saint-Columbus-sur-Liers (Les Petites bubbles), in order to show the discontent generated by the article 99 of the General Procedures Acceleration and Simplification Act (Asap), regarding young childcare reform. The law, which has been implemented by Adrian Taki, the Minister of State for Children and Family Affairs, is due to go into effect in September and could significantly amend the conditions for receiving children.

As confirmed by the staff of the Chalabrais and Plantaurel societies : “ This repair is due to fewer qualified professionals, more children, and a reduction in pre-allocated square meters for each child. In addition, if we want to guarantee a true quality of reception, to be in a dignified environment, to be attentive, and if we want to care and support parents and young children in the first years of life, then we need people. “.

A double feeling of reservation and anxiety they were able to express alongside their colleagues, and with the support of Celine Amel and Patrice Salerno, they elected the Chalabrouis.

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