Ouch lost his bearings within 6 minutes of playing

Basketball, French Championship, Men’s 2nd National, Day 22

okay : 70

horsario : 87

Location: Osh (Matalin gymnasium). Spectators: about 500. Referees: Justin Lanao and Jerome B. Quarter term: 21-15, 14-29, 16-28, 19-15. Half time: 35-44.

AUCH 22 successful baskets out of 69 attempts including 9 of 28 on three points, 17 successful free throws out of 22 attempts, 24 fouls including 2 technical and ineligible: Celes (26). No players for five fouls.

Tags: Takerboust (6), Coze (15), Debrie (4), Zoé (15), Lannelongue (9), Sylvestre (-), Labric (-), Desbarats (5), Diallo (4), Versier (12) ).

the outside 31 successful baskets out of 59 attempts, including 8 of 21 on three points, 16 successful free throws out of 22 attempts, and 25 fouls. No players for five fouls.

Tags: Dussarat (8), Lissalt (12), Descorps (9), Boteko (4), Monfort (12), Dabadie (9), Condé (6), Monblanc (14), Janville (8), Cataldo (5 ).

We were expecting the avenging Ossetini team on Saturday night who lost 42 points in the first leg at Chalusi, that was the case during the first 16 minutes of play, he is on the right track. Visitors who adapt to the rhythm of Gers’ game manage to stay in the heels of the latter. But it was Ochs who made the show by lining up 5 award-winning baskets (Coze: 2, Zoé: 2, Versier: 1) and Yanis Takerboust’s dunk in a Bastien Versier assist, (35 to 26 in the 16th).

massive recession

The moment from which Khalusi carried the torture gersua who is distracted within 6 minutes from 23 to 0, (35 to 49 in the 22nd). Visiting gunslingers who doubt nothing are full of confidence in knowing how to diversify their playing systems through internal and external alternation. The gap increases during the minutes from minus 14 to minus 23 (from 51 to 74 on the 31st). However, there will be great pride from Giresou in the last quarter of this year led by the proverbial youngster Thomas Lanylong with two winning strokes, followed by Jerome Zoe with 7 points and Maxime Kouse who will look for fouls, (70 to 87 on 40). A poor consolation for a visiting team that did not steal its victory.

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Jerome SellsHBC coach: “How do we explain this defeat, it is definitely related to the physical condition, to the mental state, to the game spread very roughly, these facts suffered a lot from our opponent’s game. You have to repack and discover the taste of play and effort.”

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