Ottawa tightens the noose around the US border

Ottawa | Bad news for US shoppers and those hoping to visit loved ones there for the holidays, the federal government is once again requiring travelers who fly there less than 72 hours to test negative for a PCR when they return.

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That measure will be in effect on Tuesday, less than a month after it was abandoned, at the end of November. So we are trying to discourage travel and gatherings in the lead up to the holidays to counteract the rapid development of the Omicron variant.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos called on Canadians to reduce the number of contacts by at least three, to control the level of transmission.

Dr. insisted.Re Theresa Tam, director general of the Public Health Agency.

Dr. added.s Howard Ngo, the agency’s principal deputy director.

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Theresa Tam said Omicron’s incubation period appears to be shorter than that of its cousins, based on preliminary data.

That’s why Ottawa is again calling for pre-arrival testing for short stays, even if it isn’t a guarantee that everyone with the virus has been identified.

The variant is already present in 11 of the country’s 13 provinces and territories, according to Federal Public Health, which lists nearly 350 cases at the moment. Most infected people have mild or no symptoms.

The authorities insisted that even if this alternative was less severe, it was so transmissible that it could still put the health system and its specialists to the test.

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Like wildfire

The alternative is now present in more than 70 countries. Ottawa is effectively lifting restrictions that initially applied only to the 10 blacklisted African countries. From Sunday, travelers from these countries will be treated like everyone else.

The federal government still believes it can test all arriving passengers at all airports across the country, which has yet to happen. Minister Duclos confirmed that screening capacity nearly doubled between November 30 and December 16.

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