Ottawa still does not know if it will send a delegation to Tokyo | Olympic Games

The high infection rate over the past month and Japan’s ever-changing rules and restrictions have kept Ottawa on alert about dispatching its usual group of VIPs.

Meanwhile, doubts persisted across the country about whether the federal government had played as large a role as it could have played in overseeing gaming-related health measures.

We need to take the context of these games, which is different from all previous games, into account in our decision-making process., the Canadian Heritage Department said via email on July 8. We expect a final decision to be made as the games begin.

The ongoing contradiction in Ottawa comes after US First Lady Jill Biden announced last week that she would travel to Tokyo to lead the US delegation, even though her husband, President Joe Biden, did not follow suit.

Eric Miles, sports director of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), had a government presence.

For now, this is not the plan. I don’t expect there to be high profile charactersHe said in a recent interview.

Eric Miles, athletic director of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Photo: Radio Canada

Others miss games

Lawmakers and government officials aren’t the only ones staying home. Only a handful of members COC, who usually travel abroad, on an airplane.

CEO David Shoemaker, President Tricia Smith and a few other officers atضباط COC He will be present, Miles said.

They wouldn’t even be in the Olympic Village. We won’t see each other because I’m with the athletes and they won’t be in contact with them.

Quote from:Eric Miles, Director of Athletics, Canadian Olympic Committee

The first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the Athletes’ Village after a foreign employee tested positive on Saturday. Officials say the person, who is not an athlete, is now in quarantine.

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1 . agohe is In July, the Tokyo organizing committee identified 14 new Olympic-related infections.

Earlier this month, the Japanese government announced that spectators would not be able to attend the events. Thousands of volunteers will no longer participate and access to the athletes’ village is strictly restricted.

Criticize the role of Ottawa

However, NDP health critic Don Davies insisted that the government should have played a direct role in setting guidelines for Canadians attending or participating in the Games.

Representative Don Davies close-up during media availability.

Rep. Don Davies.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Adrian Wilde

I think given the context in which these Games are taking place and the fact that they are directly involved in federal politics on a number of fronts, they really should have gotten more attention from Parliament and the government.Davis said in an interview.

There is a lot of internal communication in buildings that may not have been designed with COVID-19 considerations. So it is an ideal breeding ground for the transmission of the virus.

Davis calls on the federal government to call in epidemiologists, immunologists and public safety officials to conduct a Very fast and complete investigation On the conditions facing Canadian athletes and making Extraordinary recommendations if necessary.

The COC He states that he is in close contact with Sport Canada, a branch of the Heritage Department, to resolve any issues.

There is not a week we don’t talk and we don’t communicate, said Miles, adding that he was there direct link With the office of Heritage Secretary Stephen Gilbolt.

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, noted this Nothing is completely risk free.

Cases multiply

Tokyo recorded its highest daily numbers of COVID-19 in six months last week, as authorities confirmed 1,308 new cases on Thursday.

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But the city’s ongoing state of emergency – the fourth since the pandemic began – allows bars and restaurants to stay open until 8 p.m., staff continue to commute to work on crowded subways, and international delegations arrive daily.

City officials said Wednesday that seven employees of a hotel where Brazilian athletes were staying have tested positive.

Meanwhile, the players of the Russian women’s rugby team Sevens have been quarantined after their masseur tested positive, according to a report from Russia’s Moscow News Agency.

Most of the men in the South African rugby sevens are now in a quarantined hotel after learning they were sitting near an infected airline passenger.

Canada is sending over 371 athletes – the largest group since the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles – who are part of a larger delegation totaling 840 Canadians.

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