Ottawa forms a committee to find the next governor-general

This task will be entrusted to a committee, the Consultative Group for Selecting the Next Governor-General, which will be co-chaired by the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Chairman of the Privy Council of Canada, Dominic LeBlanc.

Janice Sharett, Acting Secretary of the Privy Council and former High Commissioner for Canada to the United Kingdom, will sit next to him.

Four more members will complete the set: Daniel Guterres, President of the University of Montreal; Judith Larroque, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Canadian Museum of Nature and former Secretary to the Governor-General; Natan Obeid, President of Inuit Tabriete Kanatami; And Sorometra Sanatani, Interim Chair, Canada Post.

This group’s mission will be Identify potential candidates To fill the position of the Thirteenth Governor General of Canada, and to evaluate and submit the nominations received A Shortlist of Exceptional Canadians To the prime minister.

Pending this appointment, Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, has assumed the duties of Governor General on an interim basis since Julie Payette’s departure on January 21 following a damning report on the toxic business climate that prevailed. In Rideau Hall.

A few months earlier, CBC and Radio Canada had published testimonies of about twenty people who had worked or had previously worked with Mrs. Payette and had criticized her for unacceptable behavior towards her colleagues and subordinates.

Justin Trudeau and Julie Payette upon announcing their appointment as Governor General of Canada, July 13, 2017, in the Senate.

Photo: Reuters / Chris Watty

In the wake of Mrs. Payette’s resignation, Justin Trudeau pledged to promote the process of high-profile appointments, such as that of the Governor-General.

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The prime minister has been criticized for lacking accuracy in selecting the former astronaut for the position – without recourse to the committee set up under the direction of Governor Stephen Harper.

The federal government has not indicated whether it has a deadline for selecting its next governor-general.

Canada also needs to fill this position short termAnd members of the advisory committee Agree to complete this task quicklySimply stated, Minister LeBlanc.

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