Origins of the Famous Space Ranger, before Toy-Story

To infinity beyond! The famous space ranger returns in a new adventure in the form of a prequel to Toy-Story, to be discovered this evening on Canal +

If the self-confident Captain Buzz Lightyear had not overestimated his strength, the Sidereal Alliance ship would not have crashed on this hostile planet, 4.2 million light-years from Earth. …

In 1995, Toy Story, the first film from the Pixar studio, revolutionized animation with the first feature film produced entirely by computer. In addition to the technical achievement, this masterpiece, signed by John Lasseter, introduced us to the most beautiful cartoon creation of the end of the twentieth century: Buzz Lightyear, the legendary space ranger! Twenty-seven years and a middling animated series on the character later, Pixar invites us on a galactic journey that, along with a time-jump, takes us back to the origins of this hero who inspired the new game, including Andy, the already happy kid whose owner Woody was the crazy sheriff. This epic, funny, and cerebral space opera is his story. Angus MacLean, to whom we are indebted Find Dory (2016), on top of this tribute in the form of an introduction: “I wanted to make a movie that I wanted to watch as a kid.” The challenge was to successfully embody the derivative game as an astronaut on screen. mission accomplished !

Buzz l’Éclair, Saturday, April 29, at 9:10 pm, on Canal+

Julien Parcellon

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