Optical fiber We will be able to reach the PTO number in our subscriber area

Optical fiber We will be able to reach the PTO number in our subscriber area
Optical fiber subscribers will have access to the optical socket reference in their customer area and on their bills. ARCEP has just made this announcement with a joint commitment from operators Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange and SFR (XpFibre).

The four nationwide commercial operators have jointly committed to include the optical terminal socket reference for their fiber-optic (FttH) customers:

In online customer areas from 1 July 2023.

On invoices from December 31, 2023.

What is the reference PTO used for?

The Optical Terminal (PTO) socket is a small white box mounted to the wall, about 8cm by 8cm. This is the socket through which your fiber box is connected to access the fiber network. To be installed by the technician during the first connection of the housing to the fiber.

The PTO reference is a number that is generally indicated on a sticker on the socket, which identifies it in a unique and permanent way.

This reference is used specifically to make the fiber subscription arrangement on an existing socket more reliable. : makes it possible to clearly identify the place of residence in the event of a change of operator or obtaining a subscription after moving to an already equipped accommodation.

What does a PTO (optical terminal port) look like?

Fiber optic PTO model

PTO AU fiber optic audio number

Several models are installed. Two opposite examples.

Their number can be found inscribed on the edge, as shown to the right fist.

The number with its beginning (two letters) indicates the infrastructure operator or the territory operator.

over here F.I It is orange in a region of moderate intensity.

to me It is the RIP (Public Initiatives Network) of Digital Auvergne.

But why this approach?

Prerequisites, you must be fibre-connected, or have moved into a dwelling that is already connected and therefore already has an optical socket.

Sometimes the number is not written on the socket. The technician who made the call did not indicate this or was not available on the day of the installation.

In theory, commercial operators should indicate this socket number to their customers when ordering, but it is sometimes difficult to obtain.

With this routing from ARCEP, the number will be automatically entered in the subscriber area and in the bill … soon.

This is an excellent initiative and we can only thank ARCEP and the operators who have undertaken to communicate this socket number to their customers. Thanks


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