Operation “1000 coffee”: a friendly space in Daïquiri, in Goulien – Goulien

In the framework of the momentum generated by the “1000 cafés” operation, the municipality of Goulien continues its policy to improve the reception at Le Daïquiri collective.

Currently there is an exhibition of about twenty photos of the filming of the series “Thirty Coffin Island” occupying the small room behind the bar. These images of City Hall were made available through the film’s production.

friendly space

In this small room, which has long been used as a reserve, the city council began to create a friendly space. Connected to wifi, it allows customers or people without internet to browse with complete peace of mind. “I only live in Julen for part of the year, and I don’t have an internet connection, but I come here every morning for coffee, to read my emails and keep up with the news. It’s great that you have that!”, assures this resident of Belgian descent who also appreciates not having to To take his car for bread and small daily errands.

Games and books

This space is already equipped with a TV, and soon this space can also be enriched with board games, puzzles, card games, and some books or comics. A snack project associated with the work next door can make it a place to relax.

To follow up on the current exhibition, the Town Hall invites amateur or professional artists who wish to exhibit their work there.

To advertise this space, an evening of snacks with aperitif bars, sangria and music will be held on Friday, June 2, from 6pm.

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People who wish to exhibit at the Daïquiri, view games or books can contact Goulien City Hall on 02 98 70 06 04

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