Opens the view again for clubs in the UK

This is the first time the epidemic has started English Clubs The crisis exit plan released by Boris Johnson last night could be reopened.

Clubs in the UK will not be able to reopen until June 21 under the UK government’s new crisis exit plan. Promoting messages a Goodwill It was released last week about the devastating threat facing the UK nightlife sector if no support plan is implemented quickly. This date should of course be taken with a grain of salt, because the reopening is subject to the improvement of the health condition, while the country is currently sealed.

Festival planners will only want to come back when they are so safe

So the reopening of clubs is part of the final four stages of this road map to get out of the epidemic. So clubs will be the last public places to reopen. Parallel to reopening “Major events”, A genre that includes music festivals. “Festival planners will only want to come back when they are so safePaul Reid, president of the Association of Independent Ceremonies, responded in a statement. “If the restrictions come to an end and events are abruptly canceled as a result, it is very important that our department get help quickly from the government to compensate. ” Therefore, there is a risk of betting on the holding of major festivals UK This summer,

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The Minister of Culture has announced that 3 experimental events are planned in Paris and Marseille

Level 3, which normally starts on May 3, will allow some small events to be held within 50% capacity and in closed rooms up to 1,000 people, up to 4,000 outside. Outdoor seating events can be up to 10,000 people. Their conduct will be conditional on the findings of the Scientific Study Group on Government Events. Similar to the upcoming experimental events in France, these research meetings will begin in April with a series of concerts and reduced social distance.

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The first two phases of the road map will be concerned with the reopening of schools, shops and sports halls. As for international travel, this plan offers no real guarantees, even if it is offered early on May 17: if this is true, we will not miss a visit Boomtown Or Field day Level 4 in London soon. Did you follow?

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