Opening the door of the armored car, the jackpot on the California highway

Los Angeles | A CIT car dropped large amounts of cash on a California highway Friday, sending drivers out wanting to cash in on the windfall.

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But the joy of motorists was short-lived, the police quickly arrived at the scene to restore order, and two very greedy people stopped in the process.

“There are a lot of videos of people stealing money on the highway by taking it off the ground,” Sgt. Curtis Martin of the Highway Police said at a press conference in California.

He insisted that the banknotes dropped from the truck, totaling thousands of dollars, belonged to the bank and should be delivered to a police station.

The reason for the jackpot was the unexpected opening of the door of an armored truck near San Diego, close to the border with Mexico.

Videos posted on social media show people standing on rails and in the emergency lane walking down the road to pick up dollars in handfuls. Some even throw them in the air like scraps of paper.

“Have you seen this before?” What will you do? demibagby says on his Instagram account.

Police warned that the videos would also be used to track down those who did not return improperly collected money. Sergeant Martin asserted, “It is better for them to play the honesty card than to wait for someone to find them and knock on their door.”

The police actually arrested a man and a woman on the spot who rushed to get tickets but, in a hurry, locked their cars from the outside, and found themselves stuck on the highway.

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