Opening day of Club Med de Charlevoix: visit us with pictures

The result of nine years of working with LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design, the project allows visitors to live the Club Med experience while enjoying the leisure and tourism activities of the Massif de Charlevoix.

We are the first to implement both the exterior architecture and interior design of the Club Med Village.Welcome to Catherine Beaudry, Senior Partner at LEMAYMICHAUD.

The designer responsible for the project of the 302-room hotel, a swimming pool, seven dining halls, and a conference center speaks to the admiration of Club Med decision-makers.

We quilted them with all our pictures of Quebec that were to be transferred to our design and they chose us, she explained. Visitors are offered a real experience of the four seasons of the province through the hotel.

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Designer Katrine Beaudry of LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design stands under the quilt that served as inspiration for creating the hotel’s décor and atmosphere.

Photo: Radio Canada

huge windows

The landscape of Charlevois, in the mountains of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, prevails throughout the eight-storey hotel.

It is mainly eye-catching when entering the village swimming area. You can see the mountains on the other side of the river. In the photo, Club Med leaders saw the clouds, they thought of a horizon line in the river. We told them there’s nothing like seeing it in actionSays Catherine Boudry during a hotel visit with Radio Canada.

From floor to floor, at the bend of the corridor, the windows reveal the beauty of the forest, without warning.

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One of the Club Med rooms that opens onto a small balcony overlooking the river.

Photo: Radio Canada

Also in the rooms: with a bed of less than three meters, a wonderful view of the river awaits guests.

First Nations Traditions

In the 5 Trident spaces of Club Med de Charlevoix, the hotel’s most luxurious suite, the company has been inspired by elements reminiscent of First Nations peoples.

There was a presentation with the then senior team of Wendake’s chief, Mr. Konrad Sioi. They told us we are honored that we want to highlight their presence through the hotelsays Catherine Pewdry.

For his part, Al-Siwi confirmed that he was informed of Club Med’s intention at that time. However, he would like to specify that he was not involved in the design selection decisions or any other component of the company and the Club Med project.

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This small, lounge-like room in some hotel rooms offers a glimpse into the integration of First Nations-inspired elements. Photo by Russian artist Asya Molochkova.

Photo: Radio Canada

Quebec colors

Club Med leaders asked us to show them the Quebec symbols. So we imagined shades of wood, red, county laminate metal surfaces, and the circular rugs that the grandmothers make here. We have created spaces that remind us of these iconsMs. Pewdrey continues.

SIGNS THAT EVERYTHING LEMAYMICHAUD HAS CONSIDERED. The prints on the rug, created by our graphic designers, a local artist imagined little birdhouses installed near room door numbers, we created the lights, specify.

In the winter, customers can enjoy the slopes of the Massif de Charlevoix with the equipment provided in the all-inclusive package or with their own equipment.

Organized spaces for storing skis, boots and snowboards within the hotel were also designed by LEMAYMICHAUD.

About twenty company employees have worked on the project over the years.

The $120 million project has received support from regional and federal governments. The hotel will officially welcome its first customers on Friday.

Curious people were able to visit the place during the various open days that were organized this fall.

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