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France 2 is betting on the scene. On Saturday, October 30, the public channel will broadcast in prime time a new issue of the entertainment program “Spectaculaire” produced by ITV Studios France and Kiosco.tv *. The latter will host a new unpublished tandem, composed by Jean-Marc Gennero, who was already at the helm of the premiere, this time accompanied by Cyril Feraud.

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As for the rules of the game, the 2021 version of “Spectacular” will be more interactive and especially laughable. He will therefore welcome guests – Dave, Anne Romanoff, Janvi Janssens, and Lola Dubini – who will have to answer a question about the number they have just seen in order to try to earn money for an association.

“11 new numbers and about sixty artists”.

As in 2020, the “Spectacular” format aims to highlight acts from different disciplines of the performing arts, from acrobatic trampoline to magic, including aerial dance, juggling and even Irish tap dance. “We will have 11 new numbers and about sixty artists from Europe, the United States, Canada, Ukraine and Russia.‘, Clément Chauvin of Kiosco announces behind the scenes of the shooting that took place in July at La Plaine Saint-Denis.This hasn’t been the easiest time to get people to travel with all health protocols, but we got there!’,” congratulation by Mathieu Grelier, of ITV Studios France, who used big sheds producer like “The Voice” on TF1.

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This time these numbers will be highlighted without mapping, a structural element for the first number to be broadcast in 2020, replaced by décor and fixed screens. “This method of displaying images to a group was sometimes done at the expense of the numbers themselves. It distracted us a little from the heart of the artists’ performanceMathieu Grelier justifies.

“We want to install this brand”

It took at least four days for the shooting of “Spectaculaire” to mount the structures.particle“The group was up to 12 meters high. After a full day of training, filming then spanned nearly five hours. 80 to 100 people and 12 cameras were mobilized.”We’ll try to make the viewers feel like they’re in the room‘,” Promised Tristan Carney, Show Director.

In any case, France Télévisions is relying on this number two “Spectaculaire” to permanently install this entertainment on its antenna. “It is very important for us, as a public group, to put on a great show“, Alexandra Red-Amel is considered the patron saint of entertainment in France’s televisions.”The idea is to really follow this brand, keep it up and install‘, she warns. puremedias.com Invites you to discover this new issue of “Open Doors” dedicated to “Spectacular”.

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