Ontario must make health vaccination mandatory, experts say | Coronavirus: Ontario

Last Friday, Ontario’s premier said he was not willing to force health care workers to vaccinate against COVID-19 as in other provinces, because about 15% of them in Ontario have not been fully vaccinated.

According to him, compulsory vaccination could increase the staff shortage if the rebels continued to refuse the vaccine and instead left their jobs or were suspended from work.

He said he is closely monitoring the situation in Quebec, in particular, Ford wrote to hospital executives Ontario, provincial health officials and organizations in the health sector, are giving them until Tuesday to share their opinions.

Mr. Ford’s press secretary tells Radio Canada that the government He reviews the answers. Health Minister Christine Elliott said a decision would be made “soon”, without specifying a date. We need to weigh the benefits of compulsory vaccination against missing workersas you say.

The Ontario Scientific Advisory Group on COVID-19 says mandatory vaccination of hospital staff would reduce the risk of labor shortages, not the other way around, as fewer workers are likely to contract the coronavirus.

The expert panel says the mandatory vaccination policy is evidence-based and will make hospital settings safer. The report notes that hospital workers who have not been vaccinated are at greater risk of not being able to work for extended periods of time if they suffer from acute infection or post-COVID-19 syndrome, known as COVID long.

Under current county policy, health care workers who refuse to be vaccinated may instead choose to have frequent screening tests.

However, many Ontario hospitals have already adopted a stricter policy and mandated vaccination for their staff. However, the scientific group maintains that the first media reports about compulsory vaccination measures indicate that only a small number of health care workers are leaving their jobs to avoid vaccination.

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CG experts also recall previous mandatory influenza vaccination measures and argue that trust-based strategies can be used to avoid losing employees.

The panel also notes that hospital patients are more likely to be elderly or immunocompromised – and therefore more likely to contract COVID-19. Experts argue that a fully vaccinated staff would protect all patients from the coronavirus.

Special Opposition Law

Liberal MP John Fraser on Wednesday introduced an organ-specific bill that would make vaccination mandatory for health care workers and schools, saying it’s important to protect children and patients.

He rejects the argument made by Doug Ford, that such action could exacerbate the current staff shortage. Organizations that have already made vaccination mandatory have a higher immunization rate than the one quoted by the Prime Minister, Respond.

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