Ontario is ‘heading toward disaster’

The epidemiological situation in Ontario is extremely worrying. The rapid rise in variables and hospitalizations, including 421 patients in intensive care, the largest number in this province since the start of the epidemic, raises fears of the worst.

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According to Dr. Hughes Lumba, a virologist and professor at the University of Ottawa, despite calls from doctors and other experts to tighten measures, the boycott is “in flight” when it is only at the start of the third wave.

At least 2,333 new cases were reported on Wednesday in Ontario, in addition to 15 deaths.

“We drop it!” It’s very dangerous, says Dr. Luimba in an interview with Mario Dumont.

“We are only at the beginning of the third wave, we have not reached the climax yet! Many health experts and doctors have been calling for more restrictions for several weeks, but we do not always hear. There is something like relaxing with spring, so there are a lot of ingredients that promote the emergence of variants,” he regrets Dr Lwimba.

In Quebec, the College of Physicians requested the government to tighten sanitary measures, effective March 27, without receiving a response to their request.

On March 31, the professional system again challenged the Legault government.

“Taking into account the recent development of the epidemic, CMQ is asking the government to reconsider reducing health measures, to take into account the warning signals and the opinion of many experts,” the organization said on Twitter.

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“If we do nothing, if there is not enough root containment, we go to the level of disaster,” the Ontario virologist concluded.

Creating a new prison, and even closing schools, are the scenarios mentioned among our neighbors.

Prime Minister Doug Ford intends to make an announcement tomorrow (Thursday) regarding the situation in his county.

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