Only two days left to watch this squishy satire on Netflix

If Netflix is ​​full of new features, the streaming platform is preparing to remove from its catalog this comedy released in 2010 that made some of the press laugh. Two more days to see her again!

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Michelle Yoon became known to the general public in part thanks to his role as the Bazooka Killer. Both in clips and on television, netizens and viewers loved to follow the adventures of this colorful character. That’s why, when Universal decided to release a movie about the hardcore rapper and rapper, it was bound to be a hit. Personally directed by Michelle Yoon, the comedy film was born in darkrooms during the year 2010. As expected, it was a huge hit. Press reviews were somewhat mixed however figaroscope described deadly like “A funny, funny and tender comedy at the same time” While that metro estimated “Michael Yoon’s promising debut on camera”. You get it, this iconic movie is not to be missed, and that’s why it’s best to watch.Watch on Netflix before it leaves the catalog March 3, 2023.

deadly On Netflix, what’s it about?

movie places Bazooka assassin figure to star rank. If it was really during this period, he would have been elevated to celebrity status for the time being within the plot. After selling 15 million albums, 4 Music Awards for Artist of the Year, a clothing line, a magazine, and soon opening his own theme park, he is the undisputed number one hit. If, on paper, Fatal has everything to be happy, he’s struggling to move forward. And for good reason, celebrities don’t know where they’re headed, simply because they don’t really know who they are. always, The rapper pretends to be a gangster, while growing up in a small village in Savoie in which he saw only animals.

deadly : satire, but not only

on head deadlyMichelle Yoon currently starring in BDE In Prime Video, he clearly wanted to surf Fatal Bazooka’s fanfare by getting his character into the funniest situations, but not only. When the movie was released, the actor and director made it clear that he wanted to, too Provide a reflection of the problems and disappointments faced by celebrities : “What happens when you are spotlighted, when you become a star overnight, when people recognize you on the street? Then what happens when you plunge back into the shadows. (…), about the difficulty of being honest in front of cameras and the public, which is difficult. In that sense it is a very personal film.”

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