Only a few days left to watch this amazing movie with an amazing ending

In the coming days, Netflix will be leaving an iconic movie from the past few years. It’s about prestige by Christopher Nolan. A movie about magic and illusion that makes you speechless.

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On Netflix, new releases are presented every week. But if the platform is regularly adding new movies and series, this will not always be the case. Moreover, at the moment, old movies are being highlighted on Netflix. Recently, BetterAnd the ignorantAnd the Dad, I have a mother for you or how tall is it Posted in catalog. But more often: who says arrivals, says departure. And in a few days, a classic movie will be removed from Netflix. This is the movie prestige dating back to 2006 in which we find Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, but also Scarlett Johansson. This is the 14th of September prestige It will no longer be available on the platform with the red logo. So there are only a few days left to discover it or watch it again!

Prestige: A story full of magic and rivalry

prestige It is a movie set in the nineteenth century. Two disingenuous magicians engage in a ruthless struggle, even though they were originally friends. If they want to outdo each other, they also aim to destroy each other. So the low hits are in the spotlight. Especially since they are arguing about the merits of the “moved man” magic trick. And at one point, a witch drowned during a magic trick. When he was lowered into a closed vessel filled with water, he failed to escape, as he did each time. Then he accused his opponent of killing him. And the end of the movie is so crazy!

Multi-award winning Christopher Nolan

for prestige, Christopher Nolan won the Empire Award for Best Director in 2007. At the 79th Academy Awards, he received two nominations: Oscar for Best Set Design and Best Cinematography. And it doesn’t stop there, as the film was also nominated, in 2007, for the Hugo Award for Best Picture, the Saturn Award for Best Sci-Fi Film and Best Costume Design, and the Empire Award for Best Actor for Christian Bale from Rebecca Hall’s Best Female Hope. The following year, it was nominated for a Nebula Award for Best Screenplay. Real success!

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