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In a message relayed by Netflix, “One Piece” manga creator Eiichiro Oda wanted to reassure fans about the quality of the true footage adaptation of his work.

A few weeks ago, rumors reported the disastrous first return of the One Piece live-action series, citing in particular a storyline that considered incomprehensible and awful special effects. However, it was not Netflix who wanted to respond, but the author of the manga personally Eiichiro Oda, via a message posted on social networks.

With his frank tone, the mangaka realized that collaborating with the platform and production company teams Tomorrow Studios was not easy, so much so that an idea with a foreign team for his comic book adaptation was conceived.

Showing transparency about his fragile health, Eiichiro Oda nonetheless wanted to set things right by recalling that he personally supervises the program’s production. He remains the only one who can determine when a series will be deemed good enough to be shown to the public, which explains why Netflix hasn’t reported an air date yet.

Eight episodes were filmed for the first season of One Piece, and the series is already among the most expensive ever made. And while we’ll still have to wait to hopefully discover the adventures of Luffy and his Straw Hat crew in the flesh, Ichiro Oda reveals that the outcome will be revealed to us nonetheless. “very soon”.

Will the master’s words be enough to calm things down and convince even the most unconditional fans of the One Piece manga to give this live-action adaptation a chance?

One Piece will soon be streaming exclusively on Netflix!

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