One of the best anime after Attack on Titan has revealed its second season

While the second part of season 4 ofThe attack on the Giants Coming this winter, the blockbuster anime will end if the prospect makes you sad and you don’t know What will you see next?Netflix has just been unveiled on its platform The second season of one of the best series yetThe attack on the Giants.

anthropomorphic universe

Adapted from the manga of the same name by Paru Itagaki, released by Ki-oon Editions, animation monsters happen in anthropomorphic being. The series mainly revolves around Cherryton Institute campus Thus it follows students who fall into two categories: Herbivores and carnivores.

Then the story begins Dismembered body discovered on campus. The event will gradually raise tensions between the two groups, while The animal nature of each of the important characters will take over. Leguchi, a wolf stigmatized by its appearance, sees His predatory impulses are exacerbated after this event. He must now take it upon himself Not to devour the rabbit that loves him.

monsters He is a moving person Questions by borrowing the idea of ​​a predator. The main character Legoshi is a shy and somewhat reserved wolf will gradually surrender to gaseous pulses, and in particular in connection withHarrow, a dwarf rabbit He is in love. Drenched in sexual desire and his predatory nature, Liguchi will evolve A second character and becomes a danger to Haru in spite of himself and all other Cherryton students.

Despite what some might think, given an anthropomorphic universe, monsters Not a children’s cartoon series. It treats, in fact, somehow Deep and disturbing topics for adolescence.

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Consists of 12 episodes, the second season of monsters Available since then July 15 on NetflixAnd for some time now on other streaming platforms. Yeah monsters Don’t be tempted, you will definitely find it Your happiness is among these 15 series exclusive to the Netflix platform.

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