ONANOFF has unveiled Disney StoryPhones, the ultimate screen-free entertainment experience. An award-winning kids’ smart headset that plays audio content offline.

Helmet Children’s story

It’s time to get kids back to basics and let them enjoy the oldest form of entertainment: storytelling. ONANOFF reveals StoryPhones, a magical journey into a whole new world of audio enjoyment for listeners of all ages. StoryPhones is a standalone device that provides entertainment without Monitor which do not need to be connected to another device to be read. It is able to store and play audio content at any time. An entertaining way to stimulate creativity and reduce screen time.

Partnership with Disney

StoryPhones is excited to collaborate with Disney for the launch. Disney offers a wide range of iconic stories with characters that kids can discover or rediscover and fall in love with again thanks to StoryPhones.

Disney StoryPhones launched in the last quarter of 2021, and will be available in two colors, blue and pink. The available Disney Magical Tales will include many of the most beloved Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, The Lion King, Disney and Pixar Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc and many more.

Disney’s Magical Tales will be launched in 7 different countries (Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, UK, France) and in 5 different languages ​​(Italian, Spanish, German, English, French) in order to respond to the international and multilingual community and to make StoryPhones the step The first is about learning a new language.

StoryPhones et StoryShield

StoryPhones are the first children’s smart, portable, and wireless audio entertainment devices to combine a high-performance headphone and an Internet-connected content player. To access Stories, simply insert the StoryShield disc into StoryPhones. It will then automatically download the story to the headset’s memory and start playing it. After the initial download, the content is played regardless of any other network or device.

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selected content

StoryPhones library features carefully curated content suitable for ages 3 and up, entertaining and educating through audio stories, music, and more. This careful choice allows parents to relax and know that they do not have to watch what their children are listening to.

The Disney partnership will last for a few years to create a collection of magical stories for children’s enjoyment. In addition to Disney, other exciting licensing collaborations will be added to bring more characters to the StoryShields lineup in 2022.

Record your own story with PlayShield

StoryPhones also provides the ability to record stories with your voice, through the phone app, by creating a custom StoryShield called PlayShield. Thus users can record the stories told by Mami or Grandpa.

It’s also a great way to keep in touch with loved ones who are far away.

Parents can also calm their children by recording a lullaby with their voices when they need to get away.

Relax with ZenShield

A StoryShield also known as ZenShield has relaxing acoustics to help overstimulated babies calm down, relax and even fall asleep. The shield provides relaxing sounds such as the sounds of nature, waves, raindrops, or even piano pieces. StoryPhones also feature an exclusive sound representing the mother’s heartbeat to soothe baby, the RoRo sound.

Voice enhances literacy and improves comprehension

By listening to stories, we encourage children to increase their learning skills. In fact, 85% of what we learn is done by listening and listening to an audio file increases reading accuracy by 52%.

It also improves comprehension by 76%, providing context and helping children decode words and better understand text. Listening to audio also increases motivation by 67%. Keeping kids away from smart device screens helps them sleep better and focus better at school.

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Award-Winning SafeAudio®

StoryPhones are SafeAudio® award winning headphones for kids. They have received two CES 2022 Awards for Innovation in the Headphones, Personal Audio, and Health & Wellness categories for their unique features, use cases, and technology.

Bridging the generation gap

StoryPhones aims to bring families together and bridge the generation gap through the simple act of telling stories. They encourage children’s creativity by reducing screen time and focusing on sound. So take audio stories, music and magic with you wherever you go. Unleash your imagination with ONANOFF StoryPhones.


Founded in 2014, with offices in New York, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, ONANOFF is an audio company that creates award-winning products that are functional, stylish and comfortable with a social purpose, meeting a wide range of needs.listening. Having helped launch and advance the category of children’s audio products, the company is best known for creating the BuddyPhones brand, the world’s first children’s headphone that promises to be always safe for kids to use.

ONANOFF was awarded the 2021 European Union Product Safety Award by the European Commission for its efforts to exceed required safety standards in the category protecting the safety of groups of consumers at risk.

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