On your screens: travel in space or time

Journey to the universe

This year, school vacation trips should remain very local. Small, medium, and large screens will be able to address this limited horizon in various ways. On Good Old TV (catching up with everything alike on the Internet), two new series, each in its own way, invite to travel far, far, where no one or hardly can venture: in space …

Youth series unequivocally titled As in space It is a French production by Maritimes that combines elements of fantasy and very exciting documentary and field experiences for children and adults. We follow the adventures of Alex and Joaquim (Marianne Verville and Thomas Derasp-Verge), two teenagers with a passion for space exploration who have a video blog in which they try to explain related scientific concepts.

With the help of a bot who knows everything, an astronaut apprentice (dummy) at the agency and information capsules for (very real) astronaut David St.Jacques, they discover a secret Canadian Space Agency bunker that serves as a base for producing their videos. Thus, young people in elementary school and early high school (and possibly many adults) will be able to discover the basic principles of weightlessness, photosynthesis, planetary motions, time, water and lark! Scientific field experiments are undoubtedly the parts that will give young universe enthusiasts a taste for their further exploration of the topic …

We remain in the depths of the universe in the documentary series Star HuntersThis time my feet firmly on the ground. Throughout the six episodes, we follow amateur astronomer Stefan Simard, accompanied by director Jimmy LaRouche, in various regions of Quebec, in search of wonderful and amazing images, stars, constellations and galaxies. We do not need to be keen on photography or a great expert in the “geography” of space to appreciate this journey on our lands and in the luminous depths of the universe, on the contrary! This is an initiative within everyone’s reach, even children, and especially the most impatient, that invites reflection and few excursions to wonderful places to explore around Quebec.

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As in space / star hunters
United, Tuesday, 5:30 pm and pm Tv5Unis.ca / exploreWednesday from 9 pm

Small and large, around the corner

The only new original Winter production in Channel D, On your street, Invites you to discover the history we hear little about in the books: the “small” history of crime and popular history, through anecdotes, rumors, and mysteries surrounding specific, somewhat unknown places in the neighborhoods of residence or the origin of a series of stars. Chaque épisode met en avant un artiste qui veut découvrir «l’histoire cachée» de sa résidence, de son voisinage, et parfois d’obscurs membres de sa famille, mais aussi élucider des mystères, aux accents parfois lie ésotériques, ent next to.

Private investigator Annie Richard, a specialist in archival research, finds well-documented answers to their questions, often expanding the framework to paint a broader picture of social phenomena and prominent figures in our popular history, thanks to the interpretations of historians and other professionals on the topics discussed. And so, in the first episode of Debbie Lynch White starring at her home in Montreal North, we’re concerned with early 20th century police corruption.H Century, to the phenomenon of widespread abandonment of children during the same period and to the mysterious ruins near the Sophie Barat School, in the Ahonsik region.

On your street
Channel dFriday, 7:30 pm

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