On which channel to watch the fight between Mayweather and Logan Paul

This June’s boxing event is the confrontation between episode star Floyd Mayweather and American influencer YouTuber Logan Paul on Sunday through Monday night in Miami. Battle to watch exclusively and live starting at 2am on RMC Sport 1.

An exceptional boxing night on a Sunday evening. A big star in his sport, Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring for the first time since 2018 to challenge Logan Paul, the influencer with 23 million Youtube subscribers, for a Sunday to Monday night fight event in Miami. This unexpected shockwave that fascinates all of America and combat sports fans will be one to watch Live from 2am on RMC Sport 1 With comments from Samir Hammoudi and Suleiman Sisokho. Earlier in the evening, RMC Sport viewers will be able to experience the fight or replay of the fight between art superstar, Mayweather, and UFC superstar, Conor McGregor, starting at 1:15 a.m.

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Can Logan Paul compete with the “money”?

Subscribers should not be bored by the return of Floyd Mayweather, who has won 50 wins in as many fights. The former world champion in six classes, who has already presented himself for “oppositions” including the victory over the Irish fighter, is riding the wave of return that Mike Tyson started at the end of November 2020.

For his part, Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber in the US, is known for his funny videos and his share of bad hype. Having been interested in boxing for a few years, he faced British YouTuber KSI in August 2018 in an exhibition fight, which ended in a draw. At the end of the second act, this time in the official fight, KSI won by a joint decision. So Logan Paul offers a record of defeat in two fights. In the face of “money”, it would be a completely different story.

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