on video | Collapses after 4 hours waiting in line at SAAQ

A man collapsed after waiting more than four hours at the SAAQ office in Laval on Friday morning.

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A woman who saw the entire scene before her own eyes sent pictures of the situation that she found “unacceptable” to TVANouvelles.ca.

According to the witness, who asked not to be identified, the man arrived at the scene well before her, probably around 7 am.

In this office people have to wait in line inside with their coats on.

“It’s hard, we can’t go to the bathroom because we’re going to lose our place, I just got out, six hours later and I feel so dry!” , said the young woman in an interview with TVANouvelles.

screenshot | VAT news

At about 11:56 am, the man fell to the ground.

“It doesn’t seem like the reaction to the security is exaggerated, it was a citizen who came to help him. If he wasn’t there, I feel the guy would still be on the ground!”

When the Good Samaritan asked him questions, the man experiencing discomfort confirmed that he had no health problem or diabetes.

“He asked for a glass of water and it took at least 15 minutes before we brought him one! The citizen who was helping him started being questioned by the person in charge of the place.

The man regained some strength after 15 minutes. “He looked completely exhausted. I even thought he was going to fall again… He was white,” says the woman who did the photoshoot.

The man who will be in Quebec recently wanted to change his driver’s license, but unfortunately he was unsuccessful. He made another appointment and will have to come back.

The lady who watched the events was luckier: She was able to change her bank information, which she couldn’t do online.

“I missed a day of work yesterday to come to SAAQ, but I had to come back today, but I finally made it. The majority of people waiting in line turn around!” she laments.

We have asked SAAQ for more details regarding this incident and are awaiting responses.

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