on video | An elephant seal tries to get into a convenience store

Elephant seals ventured into the streets of Point Lonsdale, Australia and tried to enter into a trade.

The recklessness of the animal, which would bear Henry’s name and which would be well known in this village, attracted a few dozen spectators, some of whom filmed the scene, according to the New York Post.

Such is the case of Jacqueline Filgate, who shared this funny moment in a video on her Instagram account.

You can see giant seals roaming the streets of the small town south of Melbourne.

“Henry the Elephant’s seal has apparently been coming to this area for over 10 years,” reads Ms. Viligette’s post.

The animal headed to the city’s only gas station, where it noticeably broke a window.

Today, he embarked on a little adventure, she continues. The man in green who can be seen in the video is an employee [de Wildlife Victoria]who did a good job of bringing him back to sea.”

Elephant seals are the largest members of the seal family and are divided into two subspecies, northern and southern elephant seals.

The southern coasts can be observed between Antarctica, the southern coasts of America, Africa and Australia, and the northern coasts on the western coast of North America.

They spend about 20 minutes at a time underwater but can stay there for over two hours without coming to the surface.

Out of the water, they can move at speeds up to 8 km / h.

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