on video | A black bear appears on a Florida beach

Beachgoers in Destin, Florida, were in for a surprise Sunday when they saw a black bear appear and bathe in the sea.

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The bear, which looked like a juvenile, was enjoying a few moments in the water, when the temperature was close to 26 degrees Celsius, before fleeing to shore.

“I imagine he’s on vacation too,” a witness drops by the scene. “It’s a bear!” Add other people.

Jennifer Majors-Smith, a woman who made several videos that she shared on her Facebook page.

“I’ve never seen a black bear swimming off the Gulf Coast on a beach (and I’m from Pensacola).”

“When he got out of the bay, he looked exhausted, but relieved,” she told AOL.

The little bear headed to the nearby sand dunes where he escaped.

According to regular boatmen there, it is not uncommon to see bears swimming in the bay.

“There are a lot of bears at Eglin Air Force Base. They swim across the bay. Sometimes they swim for fun.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission estimates that there are more than 4,000 black bears in Florida.

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