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In the midst of crisis since the start of the pandemic, Eurostar has just come close to disaster while narrowly avoiding filing for bankruptcy. Can we still save Eurostar?

Eurostar still had 11 million passengers in 2019. Since the beginning of the pandemic, trains have been almost empty, stations and platforms deserted. Only 2 trains per day compared to 15 trains previously. There are many restrictions for users. There are steps to take and you must have the money, and there is a kit to keep around 150 euros.“According to travelers, prices have also increased significantly.”It’s much more expensive, around 220 euros for a return trip compared to 100 euros beforeAssures the client.

The company’s sales have been divided by 20 since the start of the pandemic. But The British and French states refuse to take out the checkbook. It was the shareholders who got their hands on the portfolio, particularly SNCF. deferment of the company Calls to ease travel restrictions. Eurostar He will only be able to park if there is a resumption of traffic, and he has no other way to get up,” warns Gilles Dansart, a rail transport specialist.

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Gil Dansart, rail transport specialist


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