On The Verge: Julie Delpy Series September 6th on Canal +

Canal+’s new original creation, “On the Verge” marks Julie Delpy’s first foray into the world of series. With a captivating account of the daily lives of four friends in the midst of a midlife crisis in Los Angeles.

Viewers find Julie Delpy in a record she excels at, which is existential comedy. in a almostWith a devastating sense of humor, she manages to address the anxieties of these four friends who find themselves at a turning point in their lives as women, while taking a critical look at American society, with a wholly assumed political dimension. But always handle it brilliantly.

This series is also a medium for the director Two days in Paris (2007) and its sequel Two days in New York (2012), to introduce the fifty-four female characters, without falling into the clich├ęs often attributed to them in fairy tales.

“I wanted to talk about women over forty who are so vibrant and full of life and still have a future! Because, in the United States especially, a woman of 50 can be quickly put in the closet, even if it’s her, as in the series And it was important to show that for these women, who were inspired by my friends, life goes on, that they can bounce back, and that there is no inevitability. “Not because we can no longer have children,” Julie Delpy explains in a press release. job on this planet.

summary almost : “In pre-Covid Los Angeles, four friends in a midlife crisis try to reconcile their family lives with their careers. For Justine, a French chef at a trendy restaurant, Anne, an inundated fashion designer, Ella, with her three children from three different fathers, and Jasmine , who is trying to get her 12-year-old off maternity leave, the daily count is number one. “Balancing work most often rock ‘n’ roll!”

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It fell into 12 episodes of about 30 minutes each. almost It will be available from September 6 on Canal+ and on the myCANAL streaming platform. With Julie Delpy, Alexia Lando, Elizabeth Shaw, Sarah Jones, Matthew Demi and Giovanni Ribisi.

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