On the court, the book summons Russian millionaires, the KGB and football

Published in April 2020, book Putin’s people From the elements collected by Catherine Belton, the journey of a former KGB agent named Vladimir Putin, along with his colleagues and azolites, is told. Especially the journalist who was a Moscow reporter Financial Times, Confirms that Putin and his allies, including Roman Abramovich, have created a new one League of oligarchs », Which seeks to extend its power to the west of Europe.

In his book, Beldon explains that Roman Abramovich’s acquisition of Chelsea FC Football Club in 2003 was made at the urging of Vladimir Putin. An indictment ” False and slanderous ஹ, Russian billionaire lawyer Hugh Tomlinson responded before the High Court in London. He lamented that the book ” Gives the appearance of a conspiracy to corrupt Western Europe, creating an outpost for Russian influence “, Associated Press reports.

Billionaire’s attorney summoned Judge Amanda Dipples to consider the book’s wording from an average reader’s point of view, and he will not have additional information on the matter. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations Slander .

From football to petrol

The defense of the publisher HarperCollins and the author, presented by attorney Andrew Caldegot, relied on the reader’s free interpretation, recalling that, precisely, this work suggested that Abramovich’s offer fortune to serve Putin’s interests. However, Putin’s people He also cites a source who denies such links between the millionaire and the Russian president. In other words, a certain balance will be respected.

Rosneft, a Russian state-owned oil extractor, is also suing Belton and HarperCollins. Worse . Putin’s people Suggested that Rosneft should be ” Confiscated Reuters describes the links between Putin and Rosneft CEO Igor Chechin, with the support of the Kremlin, another Russian oil company, Yugoslav.

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Russian businessman Michael Friedman and Russian banker Peter Aven had also complained about the publisher and writer, but Abramovich’s lawyer, who defended the other two plaintiffs, said an agreement had been reached in both cases. Publisher agrees ” We apologize for not asking them about the contacts with the KGB in their respective careers before removing and publishing the controversial content from future editions of the book. .

The trial is set to begin on Thursday, July 29.

Via Radiofree Europe, Legal Gazette

Photography: Roman Abramovich in 2008 (Marina Listseva, GNU 1.2)

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