On PC, Battlefield 2042 players are back in Battlefield V

For several days, Battlefield V has been gaining traction on PC. Players are more into the 2018 opus, and prefer it over the franchise’s latest title.

Battlefield 2042 He did not have a launch that could be considered successful. Even if the game Far from being missed, it must be said that his release is similar many insects, After a complex development, the computer will pay the expenses, with ddisastrous notes from the community.

After losing too team members, the game is nonetheless considered a possible instigator of EA’s Extended Universe. Except… the number of players is not good on PC, And servers struggle to stay above the 15,000-player average 2 weeks ago.

Even worse, on Christmas Day, Number of Players Battlefield V It far exceeded those of his successor. back there 25,000 fighters against 19,000 in the other camp. The balance of power since then appears to be out of balance on the battlefield. According to the site SteamchartsAnd BF5 servers know all players from the top to 20,000+ players.

We won’t talk about it The beginning of the end for BF2042, but fans of the franchise seem to have a sense of nostalgia which should help a lot with the issues the game is facing.

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