On Netflix, What Series To Watch Tonight?

Looking for a new series to start playing on Netflix? Maybe we have what you need. As it is every day, the editorial staff at CNET France direct you to the high-quality software featured on the SVoD service.

This time, 3% And the Fragrance You received our services and here’s why you should try it.

What good series can you see tonight in the Netflix catalog?

Effective dystopia: 3%

The series in brief

In the somewhat near future, society is divided into two: the elite (3% of the population) and the poor (everything else). not here “Self out men“, Merit or social elevator, to be able to be a part of the privileged, there is only one solution: to participate in the“ process ”and pass its series of pilot tests.

When they grow up, young people will only have one chance to succeed and some will do anything to achieve it. But the chances are slim, you will only see the end of the tunnel and the highest levels of society.

We saw

Netflix often has a hollow nose in its international investments and Brazilian series 3% Good example. However, creating the dystopia was ambitious: WowHunger games, master of high castle, Or The Scarlet Maid It sets very high standards for these predictive and / or science fiction tales.

Here Turns out Netflix does it with excellence. Without revolutionizing the genre, it turned out to be interesting and skillfully organized. The series shows both sides of the “wall,” the slope of the privileged in serving the failed regime and the system of the poor, full of hope but also of vices.

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However, the chain is not Manichaean for a penny. He does not glorify those behind him, nor is he satisfied with strangling the upper classes of this cruel “ideal” society. There is suspense, tension, twists and turns and we get easily caught up in the game, especially because the plot is so well arranged.

Also note that most of the characters are well developed, particularly by well-masked young actors. In short, if you don’t know 3%We wouldn’t be surprised to see you watch all four seasons all at once.

  • This is the trailer for the first season of the series:

Surprising detective drama: the fragrance

The series in brief

At a German boarding school, six teenagers get together thanks to a common passion: perfume. They are obsessed with skin, and they all dream of Frog, the well-known protagonist of Patrick Suskind (Fragrance). After more than twenty years, a member of the group was brutally murdered, and her body was brutally mutilated as if one wanted to extract their essence.

Then the tortured inspector Nadia Simon decides to conduct the investigation, without knowing that she is preparing to reveal secrets buried long ago in the past. What if old friends had more to hide than they seem?

We saw

German series released with complete indifference, or almost. If she uses the name, it’s not a quote from the famous novel by Patrick Suskind, but rather a tribute. Teens, heroes of the plot and would-be suspects, dedicate an amazing cult to perfumers, like a tortured frog in the works of the German writer.

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Very quickly, the tone is set: Fragrance It plays on the mystery and mystery that must be seduced and from the pilot episode, magic works, even if you have to accept not understanding everything for the sake of appreciation. The investigation is exciting and good, thanks in part to Nadia Simone, an inspector who is at least as tormented as the killer who stalked him. His personality adds depth to Turns outAnd it adds a few unhealthy things to an atmosphere it wasn’t really lacking.

The script, very good, remains pending until the end, even if the conclusion is disappointing. We were hoping for an end to deification and unfortunately we had an end without a tail or a head. This may be the only real criticism we will direct to the series.

Recognized, Fragrance Not everyone will like it. Netflix’s unhealthy, spooky, mysterious, and sometimes very speculative production does not really conform to the usual canons of the platform’s success. However, it is well made and we recommend you to take a look at it.

  • Watch the taste of the series below:

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