On Netflix, Tim Burton has revived The Addams Family’s “Wednesday.”

In the Addams Family, I order the daughter. In front of the camera of expert gothic director, Wednesday becomes the heroine of a teen horror series that seeks to bridge the generation gap. And he succeeds well.

Wednesday Resuscitation: The idea fits with this bleak hooligan – who loves nothing more than scavenging for dead bodies. In the comics, and then in the 1960s series, the character has been going through childhood. Then in 1991, when Christina Ricci starred in the movies, the eldest of the Addams family became the embodiment of teenage nihilism. This Wednesday, the queen of sarcasm and sensitivity to hypocrisy returns, led by gothic expert Tim Burton, producer of the series and director of the first four episodes. The mission of this modern reboot: to make Wednesday the heroine of the day to conquer a new generation, while entertaining parents. Tim Burton clearly performs first with a certain skill.

intensive recycling

He starts off strong, however, when Wednesday throws piranhas into his high school’s swimming pool. Here she is sent to Nevermore, a boarding school that welcomes “different” youths, werewolves, mermaids or gorgonians, where the mystery is slowly unraveled. friends Harry PotterHey, it doesn’t sound like Hogwarts and muggles are based here “norms”. references that speak to young and old; time signs and original amulets (Christina Ricci as a botany teacher or the existence of the object, always the most poetic find of this universe); A message about inclusivity and generational handover (Wednesday has to wash the old plates of Gomez and Morticia, his boomer parents). The authors do not forget smallville, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar put together this wonderful meze with almost great skill.

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