On Netflix, Casa de Papel is an alternative

It’s called Jigsaw, the new production of N rouge has nothing to do with the horror saga. It will tell the biggest heist in US history, through 10 episodes designed like a puzzle.

After he stole the podium and made a real break for the audience, Stealing money About to withdraw. The Spanish series, whose fifth season has just been released, will give way to a new production of this genre. It’s called Jigsaw, and it will track down the largest heist ever orchestrated in the world.

Inspired by true events, this story is expected to tell how $70 billion in bonds vanished in midtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. The story, which is supposed to be episodic, will span 24 years and will focus on several topics such as revenge, loyalty, betrayals and Collider Reports.

Casting who’s worth gold

To bring this adventure to the screen, the platform has summoned a 5-star team. The main character, the instigator of the theft, will be played by Giancarlo Esposito. The actor recently starred in The MandalorianAvailable on Disney+. Will give reply to Rufus Sewell (The man in the high castle(Tate Gabriel)100). Spanish actress Paz Vega (Organic Agriculture) will be there too.

The plot was entrusted to screenwriter and producer Eric Garcia. He privately worked on the creation of Cassandra, a comedy that is broadcast exclusively in the United States. The production will be handled by Ridley Scott, who should not be left behind on camera. Jose Padilla will direct the 10 episodes that will make up the first season of panorama.

At the moment, Netflix does not specify a release date for its new production. However, we can expect the platform to provide us with more information in the coming months.

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