On Netflix and Disney +, two great movies you can watch on Friday evening

On Friday, like all the others now, the weekend begins to be confined to the house. There are tons of ways to pass the time, but enjoying Netflix and Disney + movies and series are our other favorites.

Today, I am a mother And classic The Incredibles They were selected by the editorial board, let’s see why.

What movies to watch or watch again on Netflix and Disney + tonight?

Good movie: I’m a mother

Le synopsis d’I Am Mother

After the AI ​​rebellion, humanity is in ruins. Its last actors live trapped under the authority of the robot responsible for their downfall, the “mother”, who wants to model them in her own image.

Little by little, a teenager begins to question the education of this surrogate mother, the only one she has ever known.

When a woman enters the fortress, where she has lived her whole life, she finds herself torn between the personalities of two nations. who do you choose? Robot or who devoted his life to fighting it?

We saw the movie

A little sci-fi weekend, do you like it? I am a mother It’s a great find on Netflix.

Against most direction the movies Of this kind, however, the feature film has succeeded where many have failed. No frills, overdose or special effects Twists and turns I felt bad, his story is smart and well-built.

The movie is gaining momentum, and its end is unpredictable so you might be surprised. Plus, it’s well filmed and the groups do the trick, although the budget is far from huge.

Once again, the actors are also good and are not strangers to the good impression the feature film made. Ultimately, don’t expect all of your questions to be answered either.

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I am a mother It leaves a significant place for non-speakers and this is also what makes its charm. In short, fans of this genre should not hesitate, this feature film is a sure bet.

  • Here is the trailer for this great movie:

A reference in the animated film: The Incredibles

Summary of incorruptible things

Bob and Helen Barr, also known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, have long been the most famous of their superheroes. But public opinion ends up protesting against them and other Masked Guards, who are considered extremely destructive.

Then the superheroes are declared illegal. Fifteen years later, Bob and Helen have three children. Two, Arrow and Violet, also have special abilities, although we don’t yet know the powers of baby Jack-Jack.

But now, Bob is nostalgic for the era of superheroes and is back to play the role of the vigilante in secret. In doing so, it actually puts your finger in a dangerous position …

We saw the movie

It is one of the most popular pixars. After the first adaptation, fans (in vain) demanded a sequel for many years. It wasn’t until 2019 to finally see him in the cinema (he should be available on Disney + by 2022, requires a media schedule).

It must be said that despite reaching the age of sixteen (2004), The Incredibles It’s a movie that hasn’t aged a little, with a graphic plastic that was really unusual at the time and still effective today.

Better yet, her presence is as much a tribute to it as it is a small treat of superhero movies, starting with the Marvel movies. For example, the names of the many masked guards who were eliminated by the syndrome refer to heroes well known to comic fans.

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Long before Avengers: L’Ere d’UltronAnd The Incredibles The first to openly question the character of the hero was this colossal protector, who costs his savings thanks to his actions.

The villain himself, Syndrome, resents his childhood superheroes. He is rejected by The Master Indestructible and wishes to redefine the superhero through the prism of terror.

A true heartbreak for the Bar family, since stripped of this responsibility, everyone finds themselves almost unfit for life in society. Flèche has to limit his speed, Violet badly lacks self-confidence, Bob breaks everything because of his big build …

Coupled with her super fun side and lovable personalities, mighty power Of the Incredibles It is the realization of both entertainment and contemplation of one of the greatest social fantasies: the extraordinary. A power that makes it ideal for the whole family.

  • Watch a preview of this already featured feature film:

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