On Netflix and Disney +, Friday’s 2 series and 2 movies are recommended

What’s nice about Disney + and Netflix on Friday? As usual, CNET France helps you make your choice by recommending which movies and series are watched and enjoyed on two SVoD services. All of them have a very wide catalog and it would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

this week, unbelievable And the Bay life They got our favor. If you don’t know what to see tonight, you should try it.

What movies and series to watch or rewatch on Netflix and Disney + tonight?

Very Good Short Series: Incredible (Netflix)

The series briefly

Mary Adler, 18, was raped in her foster family’s apartment. Still in shock, she calls the police and recounts her assault on investigative inspectors. They are shocked by the few traces left by the rapist and they quickly question his account.

Under pressure, the teen eventually pulls back and the case is closed. A few years later, there was a very similar attack. Then two of the investigators decided to re-launch the search, convinced that Mary’s rapist was still free.

Why is it worth turning around

If you are looking for a light chain to pass the time then go your way. unbelievable It’s such a touching drama and you might even like it this weekend. The series deals with difficult topics like rape and injustice, without exaggerating it or becoming unhealthy excitement.

With great affection, the director tells the true story of Mary and how the regime mocked the young woman. Unlike most police series, the story first gives the perspective of the victim. The peculiarity is therefore its strength and originality compared to the classics of the genre.

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The Turns out It might only do eight episodes, and the script didn’t charge, far from it. Director Susanna Grant takes the time to tell Mary’s story, without rushing or rushing through the important moments of her plot.

The show is flawless, as is Kaitlyn Dever’s performance in the skin of the young victim and the performance of two inspectors wanting to turn things around. Some may criticize unbelievable His vision stigmatizes male characters. Whatever it is, you would be wrong if you didn’t give him a chance.

  • Watch an overview of this quality program:

Excellent movie: The Odyssey of Pi (Disney +)

The film in short

Young B Patel set off from his native Pondicherry to Canada with his family. Their hope? Make a fresh start and live a wonderful life away from India. However, it is clear that the crossing did not proceed as planned.

An amazing storm broke the ship into a thousand pieces and Pi is the only survivor of the sinking. Finally no, there is also an impressive Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger. To escape, comrades in distress will have to learn to live together, even if it is a far from easy task.

Why is it worth a visit

A feature film full of boldness and a beautiful adaptation of Yann Martel’s novel. Winning was far from the book, the book was full of symbols and being successful in putting its message into pictures was a real gamble. finally, Bay life It does not disappoint and lives up to expectations.

It is a colorful tale very beautiful and very meticulously made. The shape is amazing. It’s almost in camera, on a makeshift raft where a fierce youngster and cats coexist. In this improvised “Noah’s Ark”, you have to fight to survive and not be discouraged.

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The pictures are as gorgeous as the fact that Pi is stiff. Her journey sometimes seems magical, but above all is tragic. It’s intense and full of turns and the frequent vacillation between reality and fantasy gives the film a charm.

The story is somewhat classic, but we’re never bored, far from it. Bay life He manages to take us on his character’s journey, as they are the only ones in the world.

The film’s conclusion, which is kind of a puzzle, is also smart. Everyone is allowed to make their own interpretation by putting an end to this beautiful story. Visually rich and more intentionally complex than it appears, Bay life It is a very good feature film that you can watch without hesitation.

  • Here is a trailer for this great movie:

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