Omnichannel, the cornerstone of the ba & sh’s success in times of Covid-19

In a period marked by the pandemic, the ready-to-wear brand ba & sh, like the entire sector, faced the shutdown of its network of stores almost overnight or nearly. “As for everyone, it was the astonishment stagePierre Arnaud Grinade, CEO of the company, recalls. But as we have established it on ChinaSoon we realized the scale of this crisis“.

The Parisian label, created by Barbara Pokhara and Sharon Crave in 2003, is not late in its number. Its e-commerce site, which launched in 2008 and spread to nearly fifteen countries, generates a third of its worldwide sales. Exclusive site, partnered with Tmall (Alibaba) and 24S (LVMH), Live streaming and even a subscription clothing rental service (in partnership with startup Les Cachotières) … the brand had bet on omnichannel long before the health crisis.

Seeing “emotional hash”
Last year, it launched a resale solution: a used sales service that allows customers to resell references with a unique identifier stored in the blockchain. The solution automates product information across all platforms in use, which remains highly segmented. “Some services are provided, and we do not seek monetization from them. It allows us to attract new customers who love the brand but in a different wayThus, to meet the new challenges of responsible consumption, the manager continues.

We began our digital transformation a long time ago, and across the entire value chainVery inspired by DNVB (The Original Digital Vertical Brand), the brand is also very present on social networks, ”continues Pierre-Arnaud Grenade.We present emotions, with a strong emphasis on human contact. When stores are closedThis makes it possible to preserve, in the absence of communication, the human relationshipThe commander adds.

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For example, the brand provides click, collect, and appointment service through Zoom, and runs custom email campaigns based on stores, events, and customer tastes. A strategy that is paying off: During the second reservation period, which again closes “non-essential” stores, the brand is achieving 54% of the sales volume it should have achieved in normal times. “This reinforced us in our vision, emotional fragmentationIf the in-store traffic has not yet returned to its previous level, then the sales will be there. ”Pierre-Arnaud Grenade said.

Standardize stock visibility to reduce stock out of stock
Another project that is part of this innovation approach, which will be implemented due to the crisis, is OMS (Order Management System), which will allow ba & sh to enrich e-commerce offering with new order and shipping scenarios. Program publisher OneStock, which specializes in unified commerce, and already works with many retailers, has a limited time: for the solution to be integrated before winter sales, scheduled for January 7, the peak time for some orders. “The ba & sh brand itself and its distinctive personality raise high expectations both in terms of customer experience and economic profitability, and all this in a very short time.According to an analysis by Romulus Gregoras, founder and CEO of OneStock.

The project, which was integrated in 3 months, aims to give the brand a unified view of the inventory, whatever the source (web warehouse, stores) and the sales channel (physical or digital). On the back office side, the system coordinates omnichannel orders to the inventory point which is the fastest to service the order.

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The store shipping tool allows for orders to be sent from stores and centered. “The larger the stores, the more inventory they have and they can place orders online by replacing the main warehouseRomulus Gregoras continues. But if it is small, they can also easily contact other stores and warehouses to maximize sales. So it is very useful for them, no matter their size.“.

This multi-channel inventory management has many advantages; On the one hand, ensuring more products are available for sale in real time and reducing stock-out, and on the other hand, to sell inventory faster and thus reduce dependence on sales and reduce the number of unsold products by removing waste. Here too, in response to very current expectations of consumers regarding brands.

Multiply sales by 3.5
As of January, 21% of online orders have been shipped from stores. One month after the WHO was activated, ba & sh recorded peak orders that never reached, and reached a 3.5-fold increase in online sales on the first day of January sales. 22% of web turnover is generated thanks to these new multi-channel services.

Another strong point of implementation, is designed on an international scale. Activation applies specifically to United State, In the UK and France and soon in SwissAnd the Germany And Spain. “If we are in France, we mainly serve the shops from the warehouse in the Louvre (95), in the UK, it is the shops, which remain closed to the public, that take the orders.In the US, deliveries are faster and cheaper than the local store network.

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81% of the fleet has been activated in France so far, that is, 51 of the 63 stores have served in about two months. The brand still has many projects to complete its transformation and move fromThe core segmentation of a digital core processReform of the CRM system or improve the traceability of product lines to meet customer transparency requirements, as ba & sh will do.Digitize the entire internal performance of the company“, Promises its leader.

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