Omicron: Complicated airport access for travelers

If you’re preparing to go home or take in relatives from abroad for the holidays after two long years of separation, be aware that the federal government is not ready to welcome you in order at the airport. One thing is for sure, expect turbulence.

If you are coming from the United States

The appearance of the Omicron variant did not change anything. Travelers from the United States must download the ArriveCan app prior to take off and record two or three doses of the COVID vaccine and a negative PCR test performed 72 hours prior to arrival.

Nothing awaits you when you arrive. This could change, however, as the government assesses the need to tighten controls at US borders.

If you come from Europe, Asia or South America

In this case, things get complicated.

You must download the ArriveCan app and complete the immunization and pre-test requirements. But upon arrival, you will be tested again, either at the airport or at home using the self-test.

While waiting for the results, you will have to isolate yourself. You can do this at your hotspot if you have one. You may have to wait up to three days for a result. If the result is negative, you will have to test yourself again eight days after your arrival. If positive, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

This rule was supposed to be implemented a week ago, but it is still not applied. We don’t know exactly when it will be.

If you come from Africa

In this case, nothing goes.

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Il est interdit aux étrangers qui se sont trouvés en Égypte, au Botswana, en Eswatini, au Lesotho, au Malawi, au Mozambique, en Namibie, au Nigéria, en Afrique du Sud et au de mettre les les pieds’ au Canada Command.

Only Canadians and permanent residents are allowed entry, but they must be tested before boarding a flight in a country other than the 14 blacklisted countries.

You will be tested again upon arrival and placed in a quarantine hotel.

Expect to have a bad time there without your luggage and be malnourished, until you test negative and general health allows you to leave. It may take more than three days.

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