Omar C (Netflix) talks about his fatal mistake during a scene with Tom Hanks!

Actors Omar C and Tom Hanks had the opportunity to shoot a movie together. The Netflix star was really uncomfortable.

Actor Omar Si has already An opportunity to work with Tom Hanks. But the star of Lupine, who airs on Netflix, made a huge mistake with the movie sets. MCE Editorial Staff Tells More!

It is the memory of Omar C. Can not be forgotten. So it is in the show Tonight ShowIntroduced by Jimmy Fallon on Friday, March 5, it was narrated by the star of the Lupine series.

Actually, husbandHelen C. it’s a I remembered shooting the movie Big fireDirected by Ron Howard. In front of the cameras, the actor met one of the biggest stars of Hollywood: Tom Hanks.

So the comedian was running out of patience to be able to Dating Forrest Gump star. But the father did not expect their meeting to turn into a tragedy. To his utter despair!

« We were shooting a movie in Italy, Ron Howard’s Inferno ”, He explains at first to the host. Then, Omar C does not call on this disastrous day.

It was my first day in the group, I was very nervousI had to tow Tom Hanks in a boat., Continue. Then the French Netflix star adds: “He did the trick himself.”

” I thought : “Keep calm, be careful, don’t hurt him”. Well yeah, because … who wants to be the guy who hurts Tom Hanks? It is an international treasure. ” After all, everyone was just as sad as it was!

Omar Si did not escape the tragedy

In fact, Omar Si suffered from fear more than harm. And with good reason, Netflix star Get away like a boss For this trick with Tom Hanks. No one is hurt!

Well, that’s what he used to believe. ” I was focusingWe shot the scene, and it went smoothly. It really felt good ”He says, taking care to leave the suspense.

And there, I took a step back, and You have fallen into the water. » A big blow for those who do not want to make the slightest mistake on the filming locations!

So for the person who embodies Marcel Lupine in him LupineBroadcast on Netflix, he wasn’t expecting Experience such an embarrassing moment. « It was tough, it was my first day filming! “ He remembers.

But we have to believe it Tom Hanks never carried it. On top of that, it’d be just the opposite! The Hollywood star was going to laugh a lot after that.

“ Tom Hanks was really cute, and so funny, He made jokes about my fall all day. He said, “Remember that there is water in Venice!” ”

Although Omar C regrets his fall, the actor will remember this day throughout his life. Then it must be said that it is about youNot a very funny tale to tell!