OM, Benfica, Lazio.. Where will David Luiz sign according to the bookmakers?

Sep 4, 2021 at 8:10 pm by Thomas

What is the next destination for David Luiz?

son The name was traded on the side of Olympique de Marseille, and in many other clubs, but the transfer period is over, and David Luiz remains a player without a contract, so without a dedicated team. His future necessarily interests the English bookmakers, because he spent eight years in London, between Chelsea and Arsenal.

OM far track, like Benfica

The Marseille route is mentioned, but at 10 versus one possibility, it’s an unlikely hypothesis. As far as returning to Benfica, that whispered here and there. Quoted in 15. The three safest possibilities for him, among the UK operators, are in three, a departure towards “any club in Turkey”, with 4 against one. The former Paris Saint-Germain defender made contact with the promoted Adana Demirspor. without adding.

David Luiz about to return to Brazil?

Is that David Luiz will be greedy with the clubs asking for it, then perhaps Lazio, in Rome, will have the means, sporting and financial, to offer the 34-year-old. This is the second hottest trend, with a difference of 3. and 1.5 for him to come home and join “any club in Brazil”. The flamingo was extending his arms to him.

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