Olympic medal in spectator

With an eighth place finish at last year’s World Cup, figure skater Lawrence Saint-Germain is more excited than ever to start the current World Cup season.

Having just completed her last internship at the time of the interview, St-Germain believes she has improved during the holiday period and is ready to start the season on November 20-21 in Levi, Finland.

“I’m happy with the gains in the gym and I’m super excited,” the curvy said. Last summer in my first year with Charles Castonguay, I had twice the volume compared to 2019. This summer, I paid more. Because I have osteoarthritis, I will have to live with chronic pain probably my whole life, but it is really well managed. ”

“Bodes well for this season,” continues the former color holder for the University of Vermont NCAA ski team. It’s a special year for the Olympics and I’m aiming to go even higher than last year. I was aiming for consistency in the top 10 last year and want to get closer to the podium this year. “

aim up

With a debut at the Olympics in Pyeongchang in 2018 where she did well with a 15th place in the slalom and 9th in the team, PSG are aiming for much higher goals in their second try under the rings.

“My expectations are really different,” she concluded. In 2018, I gained experience and fulfilled my dream of participating in games. I learned a lot, especially about the need to perform in D-Day, and the goal now is to fulfill my dream of winning an Olympic medal. Once I returned from Korea, I already knew that my goal would be to seek a medal in Beijing four years later. “

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“I’ve progressed slowly since 2018, and now I can believe it’s really possible to win a medal in Beijing,” the 27-year-old added. For many, it would be a huge surprise if I came up on the podium at the Games, but I know I can and that it is possible. Anything can happen in games and there are always surprises. There are five girls still on the podium, but it’s not impossible to get close to me. “

If PSG had a good start to the season like last year at Levi’s where they signed notably for sixth as well as eighth, it would confirm their place in China.

She explained, “I’m not too concerned about the selections because my goals are above the standards, but it will reduce stress if I qualify before Christmas.”

The Canadians need to score a top 7 or two of the top 15 goals to confirm their place in Beijing. A layover in Killington in the US is scheduled for November 27-28 before three stops in Europe during the holiday season.

mental preparation

In addition to making physical gains, Saint-Germain retained the services of a mental coach. Christian Trotier is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Université Laval.

“I was missing mental preparations last year,” she said. I’ve been consistent, but now I want to have a little extra. I’ve always known one round better than the other. I have to develop a routine. “

“I have to be more active at the beginning,” Saint-Germain added. For some races, I wasn’t nervous enough. The best of them always have two good runs and I have to do the same if I want to compete with them. “

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