Olympic Boxing Qualifiers: Another Hit for Canada

This important tournament was first postponed in March 2020, and was scheduled to take place from May 10-17, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The evolution of the health situation finally forced the organizers to throw in the towel again.

surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes, especially considering the effect it has on athletes. It really is a huge disappointment. We have seen that coming as the (COVID-19) cases rise in Argentina. We were getting ominous signals. We received an email from the Organizing Committee notifying us not to book plane tickets or have insurance against cancellationSaid Daniel Trippanier, Director of High Performance, Boxing Canada.

In a videoconference held Thursday with officials from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ahead of the Tokyo Games boxing tournament, venues were set for North, Central and South America on April 30th.

The International Olympic Committee will make the selections according to a ranking based specifically on the scores recorded at the 2019 World Men’s and Women’s Championships, those of the 2019 Pan-American Games, in Lima, Peru, as well as the 2018 World Women’s Championships and Men’s Championships. In 2017.

Mr Trippanier is not keen on the idea of ​​this last-minute change of procedure, which would likely hurt many athletes. He says he is working in cooperation with other national federations, including those of the United States, to report his complaints to the International Olympic Committee.

This is to ensure the best approach, as situations will not be defined in a loop. We know there won’t be a perfect solution, but we want it to be the best for the most athletes.

Quote from:Daniel Trippanier, high-performance director of Canadian Boxing

It should be noted that, elsewhere in the world, the African qualifications, as well as those of Asia and Oceania, had already been completed, before the outbreak of the epidemic. In Europe, the qualifications halted by the Coronavirus should resume in Paris in June.

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The potential for qualifications quickly swept the Americas due to health restrictions and the suspension of many air links to the City of Light.

Without bail

Daniel Trippanier was not a host of illusions. Even before COVID emerged, he knew that the 13 members of the national team who competed in the Olympic qualifiers were unlikely to secure a ticket to Japan.

Judging from an exercise based on the new standards, it is estimated that three Canadians (two women and one man) will participate in the games. But he doesn’t want to sell the bear skin until he kills it.

Until April 30th and with all we hear from other countries, I think we shouldn’t take anything for granted about the system they introduced yesterday (Thursday). We still have qualified athletes at the moment, but before that becomes final and the official list appears, we want our concerns to be heard (by the International Olympic Committee).

Tamara Thibault stands with her new silver medal.

Photo: Johani Gutras / Team Canada

Currently, Tamara Thibault, a bronze medalist at the last world championships in Russia and a silver medalist at the Pan-American Games in the under 75kg category, is able to pack her bags in principle. But the 24-year-old doesn’t want to party too quickly, either.

Despite the fact that I am in a good position, it is a difficult time because there is so much uncertainty in the team. Even on my site, a place in the Olympics is not guaranteed. I am sad for all the athletes who do not have a chance to realize their dream. For now, I focus on the things I can control.

Quote from:Tamara Thibault, boxer

With Daniel Trippanier himself accepting, Untarian Mandy Bogold risks being seriously damaged by the rating system introduced by the International Olympic Committee.

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The guy who saw her flight stop in the quarter-finals, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016, took a long break to start a family.

She was trying to make a comeback and was aiming for the Tokyo Games when she won the Canadian Olympic Selection in Montreal in December 2019, but she didn’t put in enough fights in the major competitions. This situation threatens to push him back into the international arena.

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