Olympic 2021: Rudy Cobert’s Olympic dream expelled the United States

Guadeloupe starts its Olympics with the French basketball team against the United States on Sunday, July 25, having won the last three Olympics, a total of 15. But Rudy Cobert believes it, and the Blues deserve it. They believed in Adre-mer la 1ère.

Check out the interview with Rudy Cobert, signed by Alain Rosalie and Sebastian Patient:

Two years ago, in Dongguan, China, Rudy Cobert hated “Team USA”, which was completely outdated in fraud. Invincible in defense, effective in attack (16 points, 7 attacks, 16 restarts including 3 blocks), the 2.16m West Indies lead paid the most for the lack of suffering provided inside. What hope should be given to the Blues’ first match at the Olympics, precisely against the United States.

Two achievements, in 2014 and 2019

The silver medalist in Sydney in 2000 (as captain of Guadeloupe Jim Bilba), who was absent in 2004 and 2008, is the third consecutive participant in the 2021 Olympics, after finishing sixth. One of the biggest exploits in the history of the blues was Rudy Cobert winning with his teammates an Olympic sesame: won against the United States in the quarterfinals of the 2019 World Cup! The competition in which the French finished with bronze.

“This is a great memory. I said at a young age that I would one day beat the United States with the French team. It’s over!” The only match representing the Guadeloupe player is the 2014 France-Spain meeting. These are “Two matches where everyone sees us as base losers, we manage to create record”.

To mark history

“We want to make history, we want to go for the gold medal. This has never been done in France.”, Admits the basketball player who recognizes everything, he will be satisfied with the Olympic medal no matter what his color. “But a gold medal would be great. I think we have a team that can go upstairs on stage.”

In Tokyo, they see the immense potential of “Team USA” in Group A, Iran and the Czech Republic. If the French can come in second in this pool, platform hopes will be allowed. As for gold, the Americans seem invincible. But they were no longer “defeated” by the French, and dreaming was not forbidden.

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