OL, Garcia is concerned about international players

Rudi Garcia worries that his international players will experience a week of isolation upon their return from abroad.

We learned of the “FIFA virus” that causes clubs to fear the return of their international players from selection due to injury. Now that another type of destructive virus is making a noise everywhere, coaches are concerned about the conditions for their players to travel abroad. This is the case in Great Britain, where strict rules have been established. And now also in France, where a seven-day isolation is mandatory for anyone coming from another country.

For Ligue 1 players, this means missing the tournament day that will follow the international break. Out of the question, by Rudi Garcia. “You know the club’s location and mine: We hope that our players will be able to go and defend the colors of their national team, Lyon coach said at a press conference, RMC transfer. But if some are absent from the resumption of the match against Lens (4 April), then it makes sense to first think of protecting Olympique Lyon’s interest. “

FIFA has already taken a stand

Garcia develops: “We will play on Sunday against Paris (21 March), and after three days they will play with their choice, then three and four more days after that, and finally they will return on Saturday to play Lens. It’s really complicated in terms of dates. Provided that when they come back, they can continue to play with us.” . “

L ‘OLHe wrote, by voice of football director Vincent Bonsu, to the Sports Ministry to request (at least) an exemption for L1 players. FIFA, for its part, decided the issue. Clubs will not be required to release their international players, as is usually the case, if they are to be sacked or sacked.

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