Office hell update

Early access for Hell Of An Office, the oh-so-sweet platformer from 43 Studios, has been enriched as planned with an update, the content of which is detailed exactly on the game’s Steam page.

In the program, two new environments, i.e. 20 levels added to the already existing 40 levels, out of 100 plots finally. Corporate Glaciers introduces a new gameplay mechanic, where your bowtie acts as a grappling hook. Remember, your stapler works (hell) like a bazooka, from there, don’t surprise them. Meanwhile, Hire Ramps introduces new obstacles that will make your quick level crossing more difficult: stakes, circular saws, and axes, which will take leather Consistent with the game world – pencils, cakes and protractors in this case.

There is even a touching tribute to the fighters.

Finally, new skins Because your venerable stapler will be unlockable in the game; Features have been added or improved, such as the rating system or interface; The bug has been fixed. Full details of changes made here.

If you don’t know the title and are curious to see what it looks like in the game, here’s a gameplay video from my preview.

Hell Of An Office is available at early access on steam For 9.75 euros.

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