“Obama is unacceptable” Boris “refuses” Biden’s selection as ambassador to the United States after Britain’s exit from the European Union | United kingdom

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State Department and Washington sources told the Sunday Express that the Biden administration had informally proposed the former US president, but Boris Johnson did not want Obama to take the job. If true, this would be the first known case of a potential US ambassador to the UK being opposed by the UK government. Mr Obama and Johnson have had differences since 2016, when he visited Britain in an EU referendum and claimed Britain would be “at the back of the line. Waiting” for trade agreements.

It was an almost unprecedented intervention in a domestic issue in Britain by an incumbent US president, and was intended to undermine the central argument in Johnson’s Leave campaign by rejecting claims that trade in the EU could be replaced by a US trade agreement.

Johnson also allegedly angered Obama with a column he wrote about the then US president, stating that his remarks were related to his distaste for Britain due to his father’s family coming from Kenya and his opposition to British colonial rule.

He also noted how Obama removed a bust of Churchill from the Oval Office while he was sworn in as president, further evidence of his disdain for Britain.

A senior Whitehall source told the Sunday Express: “It is absolutely true that the government has been privately opposed to Obama’s appointment. It is also true that this is the reason for the delay.

Another high-ranking source said: “Obama is unacceptable. The comment at the end of the line alone makes it unacceptable.”

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Boris Johnson does not want Obama to be ambassador to the United States (Picture: .)

However, it is also understood that there are concerns that the US president will “create a British court to rival that of Boris and Curry”.

You can imagine that it would have an open door to the old remnants, opponents of the government. Michelle [Obama] She will continue to tour the schools. It would be a competing target for the government, especially with question marks over the Biden-Boris relationship. “

The tensions mean that Woody Johnson, Donald Trump’s ambassador, has yet to be replaced after a period in which he received praise for the good relationship he enjoyed in the UK during a difficult time with Brexit.

It is now believed that Mr. Biden will delay making a decision until next year.

Last night, a British government spokeswoman said: “These reports are false. Questions regarding appointments in the United States belong to the United States.

It also highlighted the strong relationship between the UK and the US, where they continue to participate extensively.

Joe Biden would like to appoint Barack Obama as US ambassador to the United Kingdom (Photo: .)

The prime minister was the first European leader to meet President Biden after his election victory and inauguration and Biden’s first foreign visit to the United Kingdom when he attended the G7 last month.

The UK government has also confirmed that the Foreign Secretary and his counterpart Anthony Blinken speak regularly, with Blinken attending the G7 foreign ministers’ meetings here in May.

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A Downing Street source added: “The US dating questions are for the US. However, it is very common for new US governments to take some time to appoint ambassadors. There are still a number of diplomatic positions to be confirmed, not just in the UK.”

The row comes as the Sunday Express also learned that the US president has been pressured to end the tradition of political appointments and instead rely on career diplomats to fill key ambassadorial positions.

The unprecedented move will put an end to the hopes of major donors such as Disney chief Bob Iger, who is famous for portraying Prince Harry to provide voiceover work to the Duchess of Sussex during his premiership.

M.  Obama and others M.  Johnson

There have been disagreements between Mr. Obama and Johnson since 2016 (Photo: .)

The 69-year-old, who allegedly gave $250,000 to the Biden Victorian Fund, is said to have made it clear that he expected to receive ambassador positions in Beijing or London in return.

Other names in the race include Cindy McCain, the English businesswoman and widow of the late Senator John McCain — who handed Arizona to Biden — and Comcast CEO David Cohen, another prominent donor who organized President-elect Biden’s fundraising drive at his Philadelphia home. . In April 2019.

About 800 donors raised at least £100,000 each for Biden’s election campaign.

But the new president is under increasing pressure to signal a radical break with American tradition, which typically awards about 30% of all ambassadorial positions to those who have demonstrated personal loyalty to the president.

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One reason is to create clear blue water between Biden and Trump, which increases it to 44% – a record.

Even Elizabeth Warren, the big Democrat, went so far as to promise that she would “make my ambassadorial appointments on the basis of one thing: find the person most qualified for the job—I will not give ambassadorial jobs.” For wealthy donors or mobilization agents – a term” if selected as a presidential candidate.

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