Nyiragongo volcano eruption Rwandan President calls for “urgent and global support”

(Kigali) Rwandan President Paul Kagame, “deeply concerned” about the situation at Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Friday called for “global and urgent support” in the face of the “humanitarian crisis” caused in particular by the migration of hundreds of thousands of Congolese, including So to Rwanda.

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According to figures from the authorities of North Kivu (northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo), on Friday, nearly 400,000 people left Goma, the provincial capital, after a “preventive” and “mandatory” evacuation order broadcast the previous day.

The risk of a new eruption remains high after the eruption of the May 22 revolution, without any warning signs. Two massive lava flows escaped from the sides of the volcano, one of which settled in the northeastern suburbs of Goma.

“It is impossible not to be too anxious because some of the things that happen are not under anyone’s control.” Paul Kagame said in an interview with AFP and France International Friday night in Kigali, “All we can do is continue to watch closely.

Photo: Simon Wolffahert, Agence France-Presse

Rwandan President Paul Kagame

People are fleeing in all directions, and no one knows where to find shelter […] We have a large number crossing the border (with Rwanda, Editor’s note). We are working with the Congolese side to manage the resulting humanitarian crisis.

We really need urgent global support to keep watching, to see what happens.

Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

In Rwanda, damage occurred in the border town of Gisenyi and the region that houses it, Rubavu, where “earthquakes destroyed homes. […] People have been displaced. ”

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“We are planning immediate and urgent things. There are others that we respond to as soon as they appear, and we still think of others: If things go wrong, what shall we do?” He continued, noting “limited capabilities” in the long term.

Photo: Save the Children, via Reuters

Lava swallowed many homes on its way.

On the Rwandan side, the primitive Rogerero camp, about ten kilometers from the border, has been established by the Rwandan authorities and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

A government official told AFP on Friday that about 3,000 refugees had arrived in Rogerero, adding that the count was continuing.

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