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The expected WALTER vs Ilja Dragunov II match for the NXT UK Championship has been postponed.

A press conference – where she was talkSPORT – was held during last night’s episode of NXT UK, but later in the show it was revealed that Walter has injured his hand and that he will not be able to participate in the match scheduled for next week.

Walter and Ilya Dragunov had a fast classic movie

TalkSPORT understands that the injury occurred during recent WWE “training camps” to prepare their Superstars to get back on the road and perform in front of the crowd.

We were told it wasn’t a “bad” injury, but enough to keep him from facing such an important match.

The longest-running SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, was also injured during those training camps and will be out for nearly nine months due to an ACL injury. I underwent surgery this week.

With this game postponed and COVID restrictions lifted on July 19, the chance to play it in front of fans now looks like a very real possibility.

NXT UK has yet to announce its intention to hit the road and has been able to make BT Sport studios their home during the pandemic.

Originally, the brand lasted six months during the initial UK lockdown, but since WALTER and Dragunov have had a Pandemic Era match and some fights between Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura have really put the spotlight on the brand.


Triple H is a huge fan of WALTER

WALTER has currently been a champ for over 800 days. He took the title from Pete Dunn at NXT TakeOver: New York in 2019.

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Many Austrian fans are waiting to start appearing in the US on NXT or the main roster, but Walter told TalkSPORT he has no plans to make the move permanently.

“I’m going to be on the main list at some point, but I won’t move to America. Moving to America isn’t for me. The American lifestyle isn’t for me. No, I couldn’t imagine it. When it comes down to it, I stay where I am.”

“But I can get on a plane! [laughs]. “

Walter, British NXT Champion, with Alex McCarthy from talkSPORT


Walter, British NXT Champion, with Alex McCarthy from talkSPORT

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