Nvidia is starting to make its way into the metaverse

For many, the future is the development of the metaverse, which can turn a lot of things upside down…provided technology allows it!

Featured Image: Nvidia

Nvidia is among the technology leaders who want to push boundaries.

In addition to the production of graphics cards, as is well known, the company is very interested in 3D, among other things, the development of the Omniverse collaboration tool, to facilitate production work in this field.

a few days ago, The company announced that it is working on artificial intelligenceGET3D, which is capable of modeling shapes at speeds of up to 20 per second, all using a single GPU.

The strength of this advance is that GET3D can do its job based on a single 2D image, rather than multiple images. Being able to create so many 3D models in such a short time becomes very interesting.

Over time, Nvidia wants to improve this technology so that it can work with models in real life, or even allow work on its images to add light effects or different textures. To illustrate this last point, Nvidia cites as an example a car that could be right and become a burning wreck.

If it all works out, there’s no doubt the uses can be great! We can think of architects who will be able to prepare a plan directly in a recreated environment or in the world of cinema to speed up the processing of special effects, among other things!

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