Nvidia doubled the price for a cloud gaming subscription

Nvidia is making some changes to its GeForce Now cloud gaming service, including pricing. In fact, the company announced that it is raising the price of its premium subscription for new members.

GeForce Now – Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia announced a new subscription to its cloud gaming service on Thursday GeForce NowAnd the Called priority. This replaces the existing paid Founders subscription and will contain The same advantages Such as extended session time, RTX support, as well as priority access to game servers.

The Founders subscription was previously available for 5.49 € per month, however Just changed to 9.99 € per month, or 99.99 € per year, Or 8.33 € per month. when Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are difficult to buy As we see their prices explode due to the lack of components and the rise in bitcoin, cloud gaming looks more attractive than usual. In fact, GeForce can now work as a temporary solution And it allows you to buy and play games while waiting for GPU prices and inventory to return to normal, without losing your hard-earned progress or successes.

Founding subscribers are not affected by this rate increase

If you are currently subscribed to the Founders’ Offer, you do not have to bear the price increase. This price is € 5.49 per month banned for “life”, according to Nvidia’s press release. In other words, If you stay subscribed, the price will never go up. However, if you stop your subscription and eventually decide to re-subscribe, you will have to pay $ 9.99 a month.

The price is going up, but Nvidia is also loaded with new features. The latest update (version 2.0.28) introduces adaptive V-sync technology, Which synchronizes the refresh rate of each game between the server and the user screen. It should allow for a smoother visual experience, Even on the most unstable network.

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It should be noted that the free offer does not change and is offered Always the same restrictions. This is because sessions cannot last more than an hour, and users will not be able to play when too many players are already connected. If you are interested in cloud games but still don’t know which service to choose, you can come back Our comparison of the best cloud gaming deals.

Source : NVidia

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